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School Licenses

Why Should Schools Use LiveMaths?

We believe that schools should subscribe to our site. We provide affordable school licenses for recognised educational establishments, that enable schools to let their students learn at their own pace.

The site can be used to supplement, or even replace conventional lessons in some cases. It can enable students who are ill for a period, or who miss classes for any reason, to cover material missed in their own time and without putting extra burden on their teachers, as well as allowing able students to work ahead at their own pace.

Our tuition videos have also been used successfully in the classroom with our examples playing on an interactive whiteboard, and the teacher providing the voicing. This allows the teacher the opportunity to maintain eye contact with the students and allows him/her to assess the level of understanding which is especially useful for supply teachers who are not familiar with the students.

School Pricing

If your subscription needs are not covered by this calculator, please contact us with your details and we can create a custom quote for you.

We can also provide statistics on what the students are watching so that you can see which areas they have needed extra tuition.