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About Us

Our Aims

LiveMaths plans to provide the best and most cost effective method of providing maths tutoring. Using video teaching in this way allows you to learn at a time that is convenient to you, at your own pace, and at any location that has broadband internet access

We believe that learning maths in this way is the future of maths education, and that a dedicated student could learn maths using our site with no need to go to school. Indeed, we believe that an able student, using our site for a concentrated session of a couple of hours, will learn as much as (s)he would, from a days worth of conventional teaching.

We also believe that schools should subscribe to our site. We provide affordable school time licenses that enable schools to let their students learn at their own pace. This can be used to supplement or even replace conventional lessons in some cases. It can enable students who are ill for a period or who miss classes for any reason to cover material missed in their own time and without putting extra burden on their teachers, as well as allowing able students to work ahead at their own pace.

Who Are We?

Stephen George - Delivers the tutorials in the LiveMaths video series. Has many years of experience in teaching Mathematics after attaining a First Class Honours degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Has taught at the RGS Newcastle, Haileybury, was Head of Mathematics at The Swaminarayan School, and taught at Forest School in London. Has been an examiner at A Level for several years.

Jennifer Cranch - Graduate of Queen's, Belfast in Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research. Has taught at Haileybury and Forest School in London. Has been an examiner at A Level for several years.

Paul Venkatesh - An experienced software designer. Graduated in Physics from the University of Bath and has been writing software for over twenty years on projects ranging from GPS navigation devices, fusion research and VoIP telephony equipment, to web design and development.